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HERMANN NITSCH | Interview # 2020

Annual exhibition 2020

Hermann Nitsch | New Works

From 1 July the nitsch museum Mistelbach is open to visitors again and is presenting the new exhibition "Hermann Nitsch - New Works". On display will be some 80 large-format paintings by the universal artist from the two new painting periods, the 81st and 82nd painting performance. They were all created in the period between July 2019 and April 2020. These current works captivate with completely new, bright colour compositions, inspired by peonies and other spring flowers. Visualisations of the Nitsch symphonies will be on display in the chapel of the museum area.

“it gives me great joy to concentrate on the flower-coloured luminosity of the smeared colour substance in my work, which i am still able to produce at the age of eighty. more than ever, resurrection is a principle for me." (Hermann Nitsch, 2019)

Production | Clever Contents GmbH on behalf of the nitsch museum

Genre | interview

Camera | Jonathan Vaughan

Sound | Gregor Haushofer

Production manager | Ekaterina Sidorenko

Cut I Marcus Gotzmann

Length | 7 minutes

Year of production | 2020

Ekaterina Sidorenko
+43 660 686 7706

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