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Fernsehen zum Fernsehen (Television for Pleasure) Season 2

The summer special is available!

Delicate kisses, bare skin - flirt and love are in the air every summer. This very human topic has been popular since the very existence of television in TV shows, films, series and cabaret. Kari and Christoph present the greatest delicacies from the infinite erotic fund of the ORF archive: in a serial summer special of the popular retro format Television for Pleasure, the first episode shows among other things: swimwear from the 1960s, the first no-top fashion, Brigitte Bardot in Austria, Viktor Gernot and Michael Niavarani pondering the advantages of certain practices, enfant terrible of Helmut Berger having a lascivious interview wraped in pink bed linen, plus erotic advertisements with Senta Berger, Vivi Bach and Elke Sommer, and much more.

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Genre | mini-serie

Length | 6 episodes x 45 minutes each

Year of production I 2020

Broadcasting | from July 2d, 2020 on ORF III

Ronald Graf
+43 699 18610004

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Pressefoto S02 F01 F
Pressefoto S02 F01 A
Pressefotos S02 F02 C
Pressefoto S02 F01 K
Kari und Christoph S02 F01 A
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Pressefoto S02 F01 I
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