Erbe Österreich: Geheimnisse der inneren Stadt

Die Wiener Innenstadt - Schauplatz dunkler Ereignisse und mythenumwobener Personen

Geheimnisse der inneren Stadt

Folge 2 am 26. Mai 2020 um 20:15 auf ORF III

4 Fernsehn zum Gernsehn F01 FINAL 200426 Copy 01

Fernsehen zum Gernsehen

Highlights von 65 Jahre TV-Geschichte

Fernesehen zum Gernsehen

Durch TV-Geschichte Österreichs mit Karl Hohenlohe und Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz

Am Dienstag, den 5. Mai 2020 um 21:50 Uhr auf ORF III

0233 001 w

Baden wie zu Kaisers Zeiten - Körperkult von Anno dazumal

Entdeckung der Bäderkultur und des Körperkults

IMG 0931

Aus dem Rahmen (Out of the Frame)

Rambles through the most interesting museums and exhibitions with Karl Hohenlohe

250th years of Beethoven - Karl Hohenlohe tells us why the composer decided for Vienna...

On Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 at 21:55 on ORF III

Bild 6

Wachau - a journey through culture

Austria's great tourist destination

Wachau - a journey through culture

Film premiere in Kesselhaus

On Saturday, February, 29, 2020 at 18:00


The Vienna Ringstrasse

Documentary trilogy dedicated to the 150th anniversary

Documentary-viewer Sabrina Fürst from Germany writes:
"One could rarely watch such a good, interesting and beautiful documentary!
I hope to visit this wonderful city very soon! "


100 Masterpieces

The greatest art works revisited and sensually interpreted – by Michael Köhlmeier!

150 Years of Vienna's Ringstrasse – 1920 vs Today

Video installation in the New York Central Station for WienTourismus

Adler Resort

An image film for ADLER RESORT

Africa's Women

A series of portraits about a South African photographer, the Minister of Culture of Mali, or the Oprah Winfrey of Africa

Albania – a country on the move

A journey through Albania’s art and cultural scenes

Aus dem Rahmen (Out of the Frame)

Rambles through the most interesting museums and exhibitions with Karl Hohenlohe

Oegz h752 B w

Baden wie zu Kaisers Zeiten - Körperkult von Anno dazumal

Collection of rare stringed instruments

Pilot film for a projected series on the rare string instruments owned by the Austrian National Bank and its borrowers

Denkmalschutz in Österreich (Monument Protection in Austria)

Monument Protection in Austria - informative series on World Heritage sites and monuments in Austria

Einmal Kurz Gelacht Georg Halbgebauer

Einmal kurz gelacht - Der Wiener Schmäh und der Tod

The Viennese humour has been particularly associated with death

Gd IS Folge 1 Studio WIEN11

Erbe Österreich: Geheimnisse der inneren Stadt

Die Wiener Innenstadt - Schauplatz dunkler Ereignisse und mythenumwobener Personen

3 Fernsehn zum Gernsehn F01 FINAL 200426 Copy 01

Fernsehen zum Gernsehen

Highlights von 65 Jahre TV-Geschichte

Flash Fitness

How to stay healthy at work – it is both fun and efficient

Gesund und Munter (Healthy and fit)

Valuable tips for a healthier life - with Christine Reiler

16 Tanz in Tracht

Heimat Austria

Culture and Landscape: today, yesterday, tomorrow

Hotel Intercontinental

Image film on the occasion of the 50th anniversary

Kaindl Böden (Kaindl Floor House)

Odd podcasts on "How do I lay a parquet floor?"

Bildschirmfoto 2019 10 21 um 13 49 33 Kopie


High-quality documentations

Land schaf[f]t Wissen (Researching the Region)

Animated advertising

Lebensraum Hofburg (Heritage Austria: Hofburg)

24 hours behind the scenes of the Vienna Hofburg


Lebensraum Melk (Heritage Austria: Melk)

Melk Abbey is one of the most beautiful baroque ensembles in Europe

Lebensraum Schönbrunn (Heritage Austria: Schönbrunn)

Schönbrunn Palace - symbol of imperial power


Lebensraum Wachau (Heritage Austria: Wachau)

A story that has taken shape along the Danube - Wachau is a magical attraction any time of the year


Lebensraum Wienerwald (Heritage Austria: the Vienna Woods)

Favorite destination of the Viennese aristocracy

Museum Tips on ORF III

Cultural advertising

Quantensprung (Quantum Leap)

A multifaceted roadshow through the world of science - with Andreas Jäger

Red cat and colorful bird

Political advertising during the Second Austrian Republic

Schallaburg - Islam

Exposition about Islam at Schallaburg

Schallaburg 2016 - The 70s

Exhibition about the 70s at Schallaburg Castle

Schallaburg 2018 - Byzantium

Exhibition about the Byzantine Empire

and its relationship with the West

The imperial Palace Hofburg

Imagefilms for Imperial Austria Palaces Service GmbH

Bildschirmfoto 2019 05 27 um 14 00 39 Kopie

The sorceress of Oz

A portrait of the Ukrainian-Austrian writer Marjana Gaponenko

The Universe of Hermann Nitsch

An exciting documentary for the 80th birthday of the extraordinary artist

The Vienna Ringstrasse

Documentary trilogy dedicated to the 150th anniversary

Theater an der Wien

Cultural advertising spot

Ukraine: Caught Between East and West

Looking for its own identity

Bildschirmfoto 2019 05 28 um 16 33 25 Kopie

Uniqa CSR–film "Culture"

“Cultural” example of the corporate social responsibility for the insurance company UNIQA

Universalmuseum Joanneum

Animated culture commercial


Vieler Herren Häuser Staffel I (Austria's Noble Mansions Season I)

Politically and historically significant mansions in Austria


Vieler Herren Häuser Staffel II (Austria's Noble Mansions Season II)

On a foray into the most beautiful palaces of Austria

Vieler Herren Häuser Staffel III (Austria's Noble Mansions Season III)

The Republic of Austria and its historical heritage


Vieler Herren Häuser Staffel IV (Austria's Noble Mansions Season IV)

Pomposity and splendor of the Austrian nobility...


Comprehensive DVD production on the subject of "movement in schools"

Voyage – Northern Norway

Country of the midnight sun, technologies and a delicious cod - the stylish travel documentary

Duernstein high

Wachau - a journey through culture

Austria's great tourist destination

Warum Wein (Why Wine)

An original wine magazine - by and with Thomas Maurer

Was schätzen Sie..? (What is your estimation..?)

The monthly antiquarian show from the Dorotheum Auction House - on ORF III

ADR 105 Eckartsau 7

Zita - Österreichs letzte Kaiserin

The big film portrait




+43 664 504 28 57

Upon completing his degree in biology, Patrick Pleisnitzer starts to work as a cutter for commercials and documentaries. Later in 2001 he switches to „directing and graphic arrangement“ thanks to the ORF production "Taxi Orange". After that followed commercials for A1 Telekom Austria AG, Bank Austria, UNIQA Insurance and Red Bull, documentaries on the LifeBall, the Vienna opera ball and Austrian pop music events as well as the docu soap "The Match" granted with the Romy in 2008. In 2012 the scenic image film „Honeymoon“ was produced by Felix Breisach media workshop for the New Year's Concert and was broadcasted for 80 million viewers worldwide.

With the creation of their own production company Clever Contents, the focus shifted from direction to production and further more into the cultural field.

Patrick Pleisnitzer is married, father of three delightful little kids, who still kicks every Friday.


+43 664 325 83 00

Clemens Kopetzky worked in strategic management following his successful studies in economics and political science in Vienna and Wyoming. He supervised VGL Speiser, Bauprofi and Constantia. From 1998 - 2011 he worked as department head of communication for the best radio station ever in Austria: Ö1.

In addition to international jury activities (Prix Europe Exploration Internet, the EBU, etc.), he is a full member of the Austrian Advertising Council and the IAA as well as the co-founder of the Cinema Paradiso Cultural Center in St. Pölten.

Despite his leading and managing responsibilities at the art and communication agency “art: phalanx”, Clemens still finds time to optimally represent Clever Contents in the area of marketing and sales.

Clemens is recently married and is father of four beautiful daughters.


Gigga Neunteufel
+43 664 3830711

Gigga loves history and traditions. The parents' home, founded in 1529 by their ancestors, the first coffee importers in Austria - later the inn of Maria Theresa, the last place where Leopold Mozart met his son, have laid the basis for the love to history. Her company "Erlebnistheater" has been one of its pillars for 25 years, having captured more than 100 historical figures in tailor-made theatrical performances for international clients (such as: Ralph Lauren / Gucci / B. Clinton, etc.).

Historical documentaries are her second passion. Allrounder for historical productions: theater, documentaries and exhibitions. Let it be the idea or the script, financing or the arrangement, she will be wholeheartedly involved.

Working with creative people inspires her heart, brain and soul.
Gigga Neunteufel, is the mother of a wonderful daughter and the happiest person on her sailboat.


Marcus Gotzmann
+43 664 7503 7653


Gregor Haushofer
+43 677 62471870

Gregor comes from Vienna and studied media technology at the university of St. Pölten. He then worked for Cosmos Factory in Technology and Postproduction Department managing ARD, ORF and Servus TV documentaries. As a camera assistant and lighting technician, he supported continually and out of passion different ongoing short-film and feature film productions by various film academies.

In 2015, he took over the technical management of the digital migration of the ORF archive at Atos It Solutions GmbH. Since 2017 Gregor has been responsible for all the technical issues at Clever Contents GmbH, including spending some time behind the camera as well. He loves alternation and exciting challenges, the film and television everyday life offers.

In his spare time he likes to play music, photograph and relax while gardening. He likes to make and build things like furniture or technical gadgets.


DI Isabelle Janda
+43 699 1172 8375

Isabelle Janda graduated from the Higher Technical Education Institute (HTL) for electronic data processing and organisation Spengergassein Vienna, and received her master's degree in Digital Media Technologies at the University of St. Pölten in 2012. During her studies, she repeatedly traveled abroad to study the international background of film and television at several renowned universities (Valencia, San Diego).

After a year with the ProSieben broadcasting group in Munich and several scientific publications on interactivity and digital assistance in the trailer cutting section, she came back to Austria in 2011, where she started working for the PULS 4 On-Air Promotion as a freelance editor and since July 2012 also as a promotion producer for ORF.

Isabelle has been the post-director of Clever Contents since 2011 and she is an essential person in maintaining the good corporate climate in the company.




Our 2 editing rooms are equipped with the latest generation Mac Pros. Whether Avid, Final Cut 7 or Premiere the central network-based editing system can be customized for each production. We offer our own workspaces to help you with the organization of the data for each project. As our editing rooms are acoustically optimized and equipped with the color-fast monitors, so that UHD productions can be edited up to the send file status at one and the same workstation. To stow the production, each project could be archived by LTO-5 on magnetic tapes in full, easily and quickly.

A top-equipped artecast speech booth is available at our premises to integrate ideal voice recordings into a production. These can be directly mixed in the acoustically optimized cutting rooms in our Pro Tools system - with the available current waves plugins.



We shoot our beautiful productions with Sony's CineAlta PMW-F5 camera. It captures spectacular super-sampling images with its 8.9-megapixel 4K image sensor, which is characterized by significantly higher contrast, rich colors and higher clarity. The camera offers robust internal recording modes, all with vibrant 4:2:2 color. Irresistible options include the amazing precision of 16-bit linear RAW 2K/4K recording and high speed 2K RAW at up to 120 fps without cropping.



Due to the technical capacities of our premises, editing, composing, research or support related services are always available. Centralized connectivity of four Mac Pros with Media Composer and Adobe Package to the network and ingest machines makes it easy to convert, import and export video material

We are located right next to the pedestrian zone of Mariahilferstraße, it is quiet and the selection of restaurants and cafes is great. The good public transport network and proximity to other media or technical workshops are of a big advantage.


We are regularly looking for interns.
Please send applications at:



The two company founders Patrick Pleisnitzer and Clemens Kopetzky have been friends for over 20 years and originally come from a very different backgrounds and industries. Professional careers have, however, gradually converged in a congenial way over time, so that joint projects were the logical consequence.

The Clever Contents GmbH was founded due to the then existing new trend of “mobile videos” in the industry with the short-term partner Stefan Prilhofer (who later left the company to pursue his own exciting projects) in 2007.

However, with the foundation of the broadcasting chanel ORF III in 2011, the young company’s business took a different direction, focusing on cultural television - and developed a successful monthly magazine "Out of the Frame" (Aus dem Rahmen). In the course of the company’s reorganization to GmbH in 2012 Patrick Pleisnitzer became a managing director.

More commercial productions were added up to the repertoire such as the football magazine "The hottest league of Austria" (Die heißeste Liga Österreichs) für SchauTV and "What is your estimation?" (Was schätzen Sie..?), another regular format for ORF III, and a larger production facility became necessary. In November 2012, the team of Clever Contents, which has already grown and consisted of few people, celebrated its debut in Amerlingstraße 19 in Vienna 1060.

Since 2015, Clemens Kopetzky joined as managing director and the company has been growing steadily. The core team is extremely nice, multi-project-oriented and professional, freelance filmmakers are always handpicked. Clever Contents team is technically and professionally equipped and efficient to satisfy all the demands.


Clever Contents GmbH
Amerlingstrasse 19/35
1060 Vienna

+43 1 9292783

U3 Exit Amerlingstraße

Garage "MaHü77" corner with the Damböckgasse 4

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