Foto01 Marie Valerie 1920 w

Habsburg in 1918 - a torn family

The Habsburgs who stayed here

The Habsburgs, who did not leave Austria after 1918

13 Pressefotos Mein Ischl Kaindlt01

My Ischl

Günter Kaindlstorfer portrays his

“European Capital of Culture 2024”

“European Capital of Culture 2024”

Fam0005 mama romy kleiner david w

Film legends | Romy Schneider

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of

Romy Schneider's death

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Romy Schneider's death

"Film Legends - Romy Schneider"

02 Brandnacht

Fire in the Hofburg, The

Look back at the dramatic hours of this massive blaze

The Fire in the Hofburg

2 Riga Panorama Lettland Latvian Tourism Baltikum Teil2

Three thorns in Russian flesh | Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia 2/2

Baltic countries and their history

Part 2

From Soviet vassal to full EU member.

2 films about Baltic countries - their history

Broadcasted on3sat and ORF III

Twin City Liner Budapest Hafen Nacht

Twin City Liner

City portraits
Vienna - Bratislava - Budapest

Small city portraits: from Vienna to Bratislava or Budapest

Reumann Presse 03 3 Buergermeister

Mayors of Vienna, The

A three-part docuseries about Felder, Lueger and Reumann

The city of Vienna and its mayors

We are a classical film production and specialized in TV documentaries in the historical, cultural and scientific fields!




+43 664 504 28 57

Upon completing his degree in biology, Patrick Pleisnitzer starts to work as a cutter for commercials and documentaries. Later in 2001 he switches to „directing and graphic arrangement“ thanks to the ORF production "Taxi Orange". After that followed commercials for A1 Telekom Austria AG, Bank Austria, UNIQA Insurance and Red Bull, documentaries on the LifeBall, the Vienna opera ball and Austrian pop music events as well as the docu-soap "The Match" granted with the Romy in 2008. In 2012 the scenic image film „Honeymoon“ was produced by Felix Breisach media workshop for the New Year's Concert and was broadcasted for 80 million viewers worldwide.

With the creation of their own production company Clever Contents, the focus shifted from direction to production and further more into the cultural field.

Patrick Pleisnitzer is married, father of three delightful little kids, who masters his football kicks every Sunday.


Saskia Netousek
+43 699 100 56 296

Saskia started an internship at the Red Bull Media House in Salzburg almost 8 years ago and has been working in media industry and on television ever since. Her first job after completing her studies was in advertising at satisfiction gmbh, after which she worked for an international online project for Western Union at PingPong Communications and later at Addendum as a unit manager for the TV magazine "Factum".

She has been part of the Clever Contents team since October 2019 and manages a wide variety of productions from conception to broadcast.


Ronald Graf, BA
+43 699 18610004

Ronald has ten years of experience in the media industry. Even before studying film production, he was part of several feature films and TV films. After completing his bachelor's degree, Ronald worked for two years as the executive editor of Talk-TV. In December 2019 he became a permanent part of the Clever Contents production team. Here he coordinates the production of game shows, series and documentaries as well as deals with development of film plots for CC customers.


Mag. Ekaterina Sidorenko
+43 660 6867706


Marcus Gotzmann
+43 664 7503 7653


Dipl.-Ing. Stefanie Thesak, BSc
+43 699 1223 0696

With a bachelor's degree in media technology and a master's degree in digital media technologies (St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences), Steffi is a real all-rounder. She worked as a graphic designer for a few years and has been part of the Clever Contents team since 2022. She creates our animations, manages the equipment and even takes care of sound recording on set.

In her free time, she climbs summits or seeks inner balance with yoga.
Fun fact: She has a black belt in taekwondo. So don't mess with her.


Celina Hart, BA
+43 660 5445 003


+43 664 325 83 00

Clemens Kopetzky worked in strategic management following his successful studies in economics and political science in Vienna and Wyoming. He supervised VGL Speiser, Bauprofi and Constantia. From 1998 - 2011 he worked as department head of communication for the best radio station ever in Austria: Ö1.

In addition to international jury activities (Prix Europe Exploration Internet, the EBU, etc.), he is a full member of the Austrian Advertising Council and the IAA as well as the co-founder of the Cinema Paradiso Cultural Center in St. Pölten.

Despite his leading and managing responsibilities at the art and communication agency “art: phalanx”, Clemens still finds time to optimally represent Clever Contents in the area of marketing and sales.

Clemens is recently married and is father of four beautiful daughters.

Freie Mitarbeiter


Gigga Neunteufel
+43 664 3830711

Gigga loves history and traditions. The family home, founded in 1529 by her ancestors, the first coffee importers in Austria - later Maria Theresia's retreat inn, the last place where Leopold Mozart met his son, instilled a love of history in the cradle. Her company "Experience Theater" has been one of her mainstays for 25 years. Since then, over 100 historical figures have been packed into tailor-made theater performances for international clients (Ralph Lauren/Gucci/B.Clinton...). Historical documentaries are her second passion. All-rounder for historical productions: theater, documentaries and exhibitions. From the idea, the book, the financing to the design, she puts all her effort into it.

Working with creative people inspires her heart, brain and soul.

Gigga Neunteufel, is the mother of a wonderful daughter and the happiest person on her sailboat.


Alexander Frohner
+43 664 1222 216

Alexander Frohner grew up in an artistic and creative environment, is an experienced director and worked for the ORF for a long time. He has been working as a freelance director since 1995, producing countless documentaries, reports, advertisements, industrial, TV and music productions for ORF, BR, ZDF and ServusTV.


Dr. Martin Vogg
+43 699 1344 7744

Martin Vogg, who studied theater and has a doctorate in folklore, has been working as a project manager, project developer and curator for numerous cultural and tourism projects, especially in Lower Austria, since 1990. As an author, he dealt with the “art of children's theater” as well as with the concept of home, the museum collections in Lower Austria and glass production in the southern Czech Republic and the Waldviertel. In 2016, he was brought into the team by Clever Contents, first as an editor and then as a director of the films “Lebensraum Wachau” and “Lebensraum Melk” for the ORF III channel series “Erbe Österreich”. Since then he has been able to do what he always wanted to do: films.

He still works as a curator and author.




Schnittplätze | Editing rooms

We offer eight Editing Suites equipped with state-of-the-art NLE-systems which provide smooth and frictionless production workflows that can easily be scaled and optimized for TV, streaming, cinematic and online distribution channels. Our centralized network-based data storage infrastructure guarantees maximum data security – redundancy and daily automated backups include.

Our artecast recording booth allows for voiceover recordings at highest fidelity, which can be mixed and mastered right here on a Pro tools workstation in our acoustically optimized control room.



Our productions are carried out in UHD-compatible workflows from start to finish using the latest camera technology by Sony (FX9/FX6/FX3), outfitted with 6K-sensors and the word’s first electronic ND-filter system for full frame cameras, thereby providing endless possibilities even during changing lighting conditions. Integrated Wi-Fi and 12G-SDI support enhanced workflows. Our DJI drone and gimbal systems are continuously kept up to date, enabling unlimited creative expression for aerial and tracking shots also.


Produktionräume | Production premises

Our office spaces are located right at the heart of Vienna’s Mariahilferstraße pedestrian area and provide all necessary amenities for editing, compositing, research and project management work. The surroundings provide a wide variety of urban conveniences such as restaurants, cafés and shopping opportunities. Other media workshops and several transport links nearby are an additional plus point: several underground and autobus stops are located in the direct vicinity and a parking garage is located right next door.


We are regularly looking for interns.
Please send applications at:



The two company founders Patrick Pleisnitzer and Clemens Kopetzky have been friends for over 20 years and originally come from a very different backgrounds and industries. Professional careers have, however, gradually converged in a congenial way over time, so that joint projects were the logical consequence.

The Clever Contents GmbH was founded due to the then existing new trend of “mobile videos” in the industry with the short-term partner Stefan Prilhofer (who later left the company to pursue his own exciting projects) in 2007.

However, with the foundation of the broadcasting chanel ORF III in 2011, the young company’s business took a different direction, focusing on cultural television - and developed a successful monthly magazine "Out of the Frame" (Aus dem Rahmen). In the course of the company’s reorganization to GmbH in 2012 Patrick Pleisnitzer became a managing director.

More commercial productions were added up to the repertoire such as the football magazine "The hottest league of Austria" (Die heißeste Liga Österreichs) für SchauTV and "What is your estimation?" (Was schätzen Sie..?), another regular format for ORF III, and a larger production facility became necessary. In November 2012, the team of Clever Contents, which has already grown and consisted of few people, celebrated its debut in Amerlingstraße 19 in Vienna 1060.

Since 2015, Clemens Kopetzky joined as managing director and the company has been growing steadily. The core team is extremely nice, multi-project-oriented and professional, freelance filmmakers are always handpicked. Clever Contents team is technically and professionally equipped and efficient to satisfy all the demands.


Clever Contents GmbH
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1060 Vienna

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