04 Foto von Isabella Croy beim Fotografieren

An intimate look at the Habsburgs | The photographer who was allowed to see everything # 2023

Snapshots from the Imperial House

Snapshots from the imperial family: Isabella Croÿ-Dülmen, a Habsburg by marriage, had access and permission to take photographs on all occasions. Her photo collection offers a unique insight into the non-official part of the aristocratic and social life of the monarchy. A selection of the best pictures can be seen publicly for the first time in this new film production for Erbe Austria by Susanne Pleisnitzer. 

Among other things, Isabella von Croÿ was the first to take photos of the future heir to the throne, Franz-Ferdinand and Sophie Chotek, when this liaison was still top secret. The photographs present an unobstructed view of the inner life of the nobility in action: on the tennis court, while skiing, while hunting, at Christmas and at carnival celebrations. 

She also photographed the simple people and thus gives an insight into the everyday life of this time. As the wife of Archduke Friedrich, who was the wealthiest Habsburg at the time, she had enough money and time to pursue this hobby, which was unusual at that time fo r a woman.

Co-production | Clever Contents GmbH and ORF III

Funded | TV Fund and Film Fund Vienna

Genre | documentary

Director | Suzanne Pleisnitzer

Cut | Andrew Schoener

Production Manager I Ronald Graf

Length | 45 minutes

Year of production | 2023

First broadcast | January 24, 2023

Ronald Graf
+43 699 1861 0004

03 Reenactment Isabella mit Plattenkamera
01 Katrin Unterreiner
02 Glasplatte belichtet aus Plattenkamera
04 Foto von Isabella Croy beim Fotografieren
08 Markus Königsegg Aulendorf mit belichtetem Glasbild
06 Foto Tennisplatz mit Sophie Chotek
07 Katrin Unterreiner
09 Bild in Rahmen Erzherzog Friedrich
05 Markus Königsegg Aulendorf mit belichtetem Glasbild

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