1 altes Bild Schnee in Wien

Winter in Vienna in the olden days # 2023

Heritage Austria | What was "severe winter" 100 years ago

A “severe winter” was understood differently 100 years ago than it is today. Icy cold and snow had Vienna firmly in its grip, snow clearance was limited before motorisation facilities came for help, and dangerous ice shoals formed on the Danube, which was still unregulated, threatened the bridges. Many people, especially from the lower classes, were not adequately dressed for the freak weather.

This new "Heritage Austria" production uses old photos to show what the white, cold imperial city meant for its residents. The cold season also brought joy: tobogganing took place in the Vienna Woods and the first skiers made the hills unsafe.

Co-production | Clever Contents GmbH and ORF III

Funded | TV Fund and Film Fund Vienna

Genre | documentary

Director | Suzanne Pleisnitzer

Cut | Andrew Schoenauer

Production Manager I Ronald Graf

Length | 45 minutes

Year of production | 2023

First broadcast | January 17th, 2023

Ronald Graf
+43 699 1861 0004

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1 altes Bild Schnee in Wien
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