Strudlhofstiege 2

Secrets of the inner City # 2021

Habsburgs Milieus

Vienna's inner city, often seen, often visited, but still full of secrets.

The part 3 of "Secrets of the inner City" tells us: how the emperor kept his food fresh, tracks the hidden traces of the Mayerling affair, visits forgotten catacombs in the Volksgarten; explains why is the fateful town hall balcony there and why it was added later; the construction failures of the Hofburg complex; studies a revolutionary ventilation system of the opera house, mysterious attics, and why has the Hofburg not yet been completed?

A search for traces through the mysterious facets of our capital.....

A co-production of Clever Contents GmbH and ORF III funded by the Television Fond of Austria, the Vienna Film Fond, the Lower Austria and in partnership with the Austrian Castle & Fortress Authority

Genre | documentary

Director and skript | Alexander Frohner

Production manager I Ronald Graf

Length | 45 minutes

Year of production | 2021

First Broadcasting | November 8 and 15, 2022

Ronald Graf
+43 699 1861 10004

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9 Eduard Winter Kurator Pathologische Sammlung Narrenturm
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4 Markus Wimmer Stellvertretender Burghauptmann
8 Flakturm Augarten
7 Goldzimmer Theresianum
6 Hotel Regina
5 Kammermeierei
3 Michael Berthold Studienpräfekt Theresianum
2 Narrenturm
1 Votivkirche
Wolfgang Etschmann Historiker
Strudlhofstiege 2
Verena Mochar Fremdenführerin
Strudlhofstiege 1
Rossauer Kaserne2
Rossauer Kaserne
Rolf Urrisk Militaerhistoriker
Palais Szeps
Palais Schlick
Lohner Werk
Günter Fuhrmann Autor
Kapelle Rossauer Kaserne
Juedischer Friedhof

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