Flash Fitness # 2019

How to stay healthy at work – it is both fun and efficient

… are 25 short films

that teach you in a very entertaining way how to feel better at your workplace.

… is a fast remedy

Flash Fitness offers you a set of exercises that can be performed anywhere, even at work. A few minutes are enough to improve your spirit and activate your physical performance.

… is entertaining and up-to-date

The actor, radio host and musician Gerald Votava, who presents exercises in a short comedy format with Taiji-teacher and expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Bai Lin, guarantees sympathetic punchlines.

… sees the human body as a whole

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the doctrine to pervade the human body as a unitary whole. Therefore, complaints should not be considered separately or as a single problem, but as part of an overall physical and mental well-being. The exercises of Bai Lin follow this principle and not only alleviate discomfort, but also show the existing body connections.

Idea and production | Clever Contents GmbH

Genre | short film

Author | Susanne Pleisnitzer, Gerald Votova

Director | Patrick Pleisnitzer

Length | 25 episodes x 3 minutes each

Year of production | 2014

Patrick Pleisnitzer
+43 1 5249803 20


the corkscrew
helps with tension in the neck area

the star picker
helps with tension in the shoulder area

the eagle claws
help with cold hands

the walnut massage
helps to get rid of hand cramps


the crab dance
prevents bent over posture

the sockfisher
is good for aching feet

the watchtower
helps with cervical vertebrae

head massage
helps with headaches

pearl necklace
helps with spinal pain

helps with back pain


the third eye
helps with concentration problems

the ball boy
helps with anxiety

the fever trap
strengthens the defensive forces

the flying fist
helps with anger

the cat
helps with weather conditions

kidney massage
helps with stress and time pressure

ear massage
helps with nicotine withdrawal

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MG_8796_Fit Lin_makingof_camillocibulka
MG_8795_Fit Lin_makingof_camillocibulka

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