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Vieler Herren Häuser Staffel IV (Austria's Noble Mansions Season IV) # 2019

Pomposity and splendor of the Austrian nobility...

Manorial houses and their stories: This is a very special hobby-horse of moderator Karl Hohenlohe, and the audience appreciates these insights very much. In the previous three highly successful seasons, Kari Hohenlohe has already portrayed 17 palaces and villas - and being in touch with their present inhabitants, learned many fascinating and intimate details about the properties and their owners.

Clever Contents is happy to produce the fourth season of "Austria's Noble Mansions" that will be broadcast starting the autumn 2019, focusing on another five manor houses presented by our cultural expert.

A production of Clever Contents GmbH in cooperation with ORF III and funded by Fernsehfonds Austria

Genre | docuseries

Moderator | Karl Hohenlohe

Production manager I Jeannine Felzmann

Length | 5 films x 45 minutes each

Year of production | 2019

Broadcasting | October 2019 on ORF III

Patrick Pleisnitzer
+43 664 5042857

07 Greillenstein
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