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Austrian Cultural Forum in Tehran, The # 2023

Cultural portrait of Tehran

The 45-minutes long documentary will present the historic, as well as current cultural relationships between Austria and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The main focus will lie on the Austrian Cultural Forum in Tehran and its cultural activities. We will display their vast educational and musical programs (Austro-Iranian Symphony Orchestra; Austro-Iranian Choir), as well as their theater and radio projects.

Furthermore we want to highlight the rich cultural landscape of Tehran and provide an overview of the various highly acclaimed museums, musicians, artists and art galleries (Museum of Contemporary Art, Moghadam Museum Tehran, Iranian Artists Forum).

The host of this TV show will be the famous Austrian musician Ulrich Drechsler, who will perform live with his band on the 13th and 15h of march 2017 at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Tehran.

The scope of this documentary is on one hand to present Tehran as a modern and flourishing cultural city to our viewers and on the other hand to raise awareness for the Austrian Cultural Forum as a platform for intercultural dialogue and highlight the importance of the this well established institution to function as a bridge between the two countries.

Production I Clever Contents GmbH

Funded I Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs

Genre | documentary

Script, director and camera | Florian Platter

Production manager | Doris Pongratz, Tamara Brunner and Farzad Pak

Length | 45 minutes

Year of production | 2017

First broadcast | ORF III I November 21, 2017


Patrick Pleisnitzer

+43 664 504 2857

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