Collection of rare stringed instruments # 2019

Pilot film for a series on the rare string instruments owned by the Austrian National Bank and its borrowers

Continualness, value and promotion. The collection of rare string instruments owned by the Austrian National Bank together with their borrowers was presented in 3-minute portraits. The elegant animations cover the history, while the musicians tell us about their sensual relationship with the noble instruments.

The cinematic example of the Sancto Seraphin from the year 1742 presents the beauty and fine workmanship. The uniqueness of the collection is sensually explored thanks to the emotional relationship that Birgit Kolar has with her instrument.

Production | Clever Contents GmbH

Genre | animated short portrait

Production manager I Patrick Pleisnitzer

Length | 3 minutes

Year of production | 2014

Patrick Pleisnitzer
+43 664 5042857

Neubau Boden002

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