02 Pressefoto Mein Ischl Esplanade Bad Ischl

My Ischl # 2024

Günter Kaindlstorfer portrays his

“European Capital of Culture 2024”

The journalist and writer Günter Kaindlstorfer, born in Bad Ischl in 1963, has been associated with his birthplace for 59 years. As a child, Kaindlstorfer lived in Ischl. He learned to swim, read, drink three schnapps, do mental arithmetic and skiing. In the summers of his puberty in the Salzkammergut, he not only immersed himself in "Lederstocking" and "The Tsar's Courier" on the wooden pallets of the Ischl outdoor pool, but discovered also Nestroy, Schnitzler and Kafka, Musil and the poetry of Ingeborg Bachmann. Since moving to Vienna in the early 1980s, Kaindlstorfer has repeatedly returned to the 15,000-inhabitant town at the foot of the Katrin as a spring, summer, autumn and winter guest.

With his novel “Edelweiss,” the 57-year-old has also delivered a critical homage to the “Partisans of the Mountains,” the “Willy-Fred Group,” which was active during the Nazi era in Bad Ischl, Bad Goisern, Bad Aussee and the mountains of the “ Dead Mountains” carried out armed resistance against the Nazi regime.

In his film “My Ischl,” Kaindlstorfer portrays the “European Capital of Culture 2024” interviewing special people who live and create in Bad Ischl.

Co-production | Clever Contents GmbH and ORF 2

Funded | Region of Upper Austria

Genre | documentary

Script and director | Günter Kaindlstorfer

Production manager | Saskia Netousek

Length | 45 minutes

Year of production I 2023

First broadcasting | 26th December, 2023 on ORF 2

Patrick Pleisnitzer
+43 664 5042857

01 Pressefoto Mein Ischl Cafe Zauner
02 Pressefoto Mein Ischl Esplanade Bad Ischl
03 Pressefoto Mein Ischl Katharina Weglehner Grafikdesignerin
04 Pressefoto Mein Ischl Manfred Madlberger 2
05 Pressefoto Mein Ischl Manfred Madlberger Liedermacher
06 Pressefoto Mein Ischl Philipp Zauner 2
07 Pressefoto Mein Ischl Philipp Zauner 3
08 Pressefoto Mein Ischl Philipp Zauner in action
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