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Industrial history of Austria # 2022

Industrial history of Austria

Riedel, Swarovski & Co. - History of glass production in Austria

The documentary tells us about the history of glass production in Austria. With Riedel, Swarovski and Stölzle, Austria had three important glass manufacturers at the beginning of the 21st century that can look back on a long history. In addition, with Lobmeyr and Bakalowits, Austria can boast of two other well-known glass-laying families that are still active today. 

Even before the turn of the 20th century, these glass manufacturers began to have their glass products designed by well-known artists of the time, which they then mostly had manufactured in Czech glassworks. In this documentary, the cultural scientist and director Martin Vogg goes on a search for traces of Austrian glass production. He also travels to the glass production centers in northern Bohemia, where the stories of the Swarovski and Riedel families began, among other places, he visits the southern Czech Republic, where the glass industrialist Stölzle established his first glass factories. 

The film also sheds light on how glass manufacturers had to react to social and above all political developments in the 20th century. An important turning point here was the end of the Danube monarchy, which not only called for new, cross-border sales strategies, but also meant that some companies had to operate across national borders. National Socialism also brought great changes with it, and the expulsion of the Germans from the Czech Republic after the Second World War had a great impact and explains why many German glassmakers and the Riedel family had to start from the scratch in Austria. 

Ultimately, the film also shows existing developments in glass industry in Austria and the Czech Republic during the time of the Iron Curtain, right through to the economic difficulties faced by glass-producing companies on both sides of the border at the end of the 20th century.

Co-production | Clever Contents GmbH and ORF

Funded | FilmFondsWien and the Lower Austria region

Genre | documentary

Director | Martin Vogg

Production manager I Saskia Netousek

Length | 3 films x 45 minutes

Year of production | 2022

Broadcasting | 21st May 2022 on ORF III

Saskia Netousek
+43 699 100 56 296

Geschäftsportal Lobmeyr
Die Glasverleger Peter Rath und Petra Matelova
Entwurfbuch der Familie Bakalowits
Andrea Komlosy Historikerin
Glaspavillion des Museums in Kamenický Šenov in Tschechien innen
Erwin van Dijk Lokalhistoriker in Gutenbrunn einem ehemaligen Standort der Familie Stölzle
Glasveredelung bei der Firma Lobmeyr 2
Friedhelm Bakalowits
Glasgarten Apfelthaler in Altnaglberg
Andreas Lobmeyr einer von drei Geschäftsführern Lobmeyr
Glaspavillion des Museums in Kamenický Šenov in Tschechien
Glasexperte und künstler Rudi Gritsch
Glasveredelung bei der Firma Lobmeyr
Erwin Weber Kugler und Leiter des Kristalliums in Hirschenwies
Peter Novy Glasexperte im Sklářské muzeum in Nový Bor
Riedel Gläser w
Rainald Franz Kurator MAK

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