Einmal Kurz Gelacht Georg Halbgebauer

One quick laugh | About Viennese humor and death

The Viennese humour has been particularly associated with death

The Vienese always had a special relationship with death. Vienna and death: a love story between sentimental, melancholic coquetry and almost heartfelt intimacy mixed with a pinch of dark humor. Together with the author Joschi Prokopetz and actor and singer Robert Reinagl we explore the morbidity of the Viennese sense of humor in music, literature and cabaret.

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Genre | Documentary

Author and director I Alexander Frohner

Production manager I Doris Pongratz

Camera | Michael Rottmann

Length | 45 Minuten

Year of production I 2019

First broadcasting | October, 29 th 2019 on ORF III

Patrick Pleisnitzer
+43 664 5042857

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