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Biotope City Wienerberg # 2021

Integration of nature into the city

The framework conditions for urban planning have changed significantly in the last few decades. Due to population growth and climate change, the city is faced with the task of both creating new living space and securing or improving the living conditions of its residents. Blue-green infrastructure (parks, greenery, bodies of water; ..) make a key contribution to reducing the urban heat effect. The green areas and open spaces, however, are in direct competition with residential constructions. That is why new and creative solutions are required.

For the development of the area on the former Coca-Cola site, the objective was clear from the start: high density of residential development with simultaneously improved quality of life despite the above mentioned conditions. The city, property developers, architects and landscape architects have dared to step into new territory with the planning of the new development area according to the Biotope City model: A quarter should be created that offers densely built-up affordable housing and at the same time is climate-resilient, in that it is to a high degree flora and fauna integrated and thus proves to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. The concept of the Biotope City addresses the integration of nature into the city as a strategy for mitigating the effects of climate change.

Production | Clever Contents GmbH for KNOLLCONSULT UMWELTPLANUNG ZT GmbH

Genre | Imagefilm

Animations I Roman Hansi

Length | 5 Minuten

Year of production | 2020

Ekaterina Sidorenko
+43 660 6867706

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