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Vienna's hidden cemeteries # 2022

...looking for Viennas hidden cemeteries

Many public squares and parks in today's Vienna were once cemeteries. The most prominent example of this is Stephansplatz. But there are also many unplanned final resting places in the city, which has been shaken by so many wars and crises: under the Volksgarten, for example, where one of the decisive battles of the Ottoman siege took place, or on Albertinaplatz, where at the end of the Second World War the Philipphof sheltered dozens of people seeking refuge spilled in the basement.

Many of these dead still lie exactly where fate buried them. Many official cemeteries from that time were abandonded, the graves were not reburied, but simply cleared on the surface.

In this fascinating new production "Heritage Austria" embarks on a search for Vienna's hidden cemeteries with ground -radar and scientific support.

Co-production | Clever Contents GmbH and ORF III

Genre | documentary

Director | Gigga Neunteufel

Production manager I Saskia Netousek

Length | 45 minutes

Year of production | 2022

First broadcast | September November, 1 2022 on ORF III


Saskia Netousek

+43 699 100 56 296


03 Gräberhain
09 Währingerpark
07 St Stephan
08 St Stephan 2
05 Heike Krause
10 Waldmüllerpark
04 Haydnpark
02 Archäologische Fundstücke
01 1070 Wien Mondscheingasse

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