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Vieler Herren Häuser Staffel II (Austria's Noble Mansions Season II) # 2019

On a foray into the most beautiful palaces of Austria

Art connoisseur and ORF-III presenter Karl Hohenlohe will be exploring once again the most magnificent architectural treasures that Vienna has to offer in the second season of "Vieler Herren Häuser" (the Austria's Noble Mansions). The other four destinations lead the moderator into the Albertina, the Belvedere Palace, the Park Hotel Schönbrunn and to the versatile Palais am Schwarzenbergplatz.

A Clever Contents GmbH and ORF III co-production

Genre | docuseries

Presenter| Karl Hohenlohe

Production manager I Jeannine Felzmann

Length | 5 episodes x 45 minutes

Year of production | 2017

First broadcasting | on ORF III - "Erbe Österreich"

Patrick Pleisnitzer
+43 664 5042857

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VHH01 Karl Hohenlohe01

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