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Customs, knowledge, craft techniques | Life in volcanic region # 2023

The intangible world cultural heritage of the Alpine region


The south-east of Styria has been reminiscing about its volcanic origins for some years now and has therefore given itself the name Styrian volcanic region. This agricultural region, where fruit and wine have always been of great importance, has undergone major changes in recent decades. Many farmers have begun to focus on the quality of their agricultural product and are now extremely successful in offering high-quality wines, juices and meat products. The rediscovery of basket weaving, which has shown people the connection between culture and nature, has contributed greatly to this positive change.

In this film, old basket weavers talk about the importance of wicker baskets in days gone by and why they still come together today to make baskets and other everyday objects using traditional techniques. Farmers such as Toni Krispel, who uses the basalt rock of the Volcano Land to give both his bacon and his wine a special quality, are mentioned. The question of how viticulture in the region has changed in general and what the Pinot Gris is all about, in which winegrowers such as Ewald Tropper have specialized in recent years.

With the innkeeper and collector Erich Wiedner, Heritage Austria showcases a real factotum. Wiedner, known only as the Bulldogwirt, has built numerous barns around his inn over the last few decades, which he has filled with household goods, tools and other folkloristic evidence of south-eastern Styria. Wiedner also remembers his mother, who courageously built up the business on her own after the war following the early death of her husband.


Customs, knowledge and old craft techniques

In the 15 documentaries, the intangible cultural heritage is presented as an integral part of the Austrian cultural landscape. The films search for traces of the past in order to make the creation and changes of intangible cultural heritage visible. They document the current situation, whereby the character that creates identity for the present is highlighted. And they address the question of what importance the care of heritage has for the future of the Austrian cultural landscape.

“Heimat Österreich” takes you to the most beautiful cultural landscapes in Austria. Elaborately designed documentaries portray long-held traditions and customs, explore popular pilgrimage sites and show how culture and nature intertwine in the heart of Europe.

Co-production | Clever Contents GmbH and ORF III

Funded | The Austrian Commission for UNESCO

Genre | documentary

Director | Martin Vogg

Production manager I Saskia Netousek

Length | 45 minutes

Year of production | 2019 - 2020

First broadcast | Fall 2019

Saskia Netousek
+43 699 100 56 296

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IKE Vulkanland Name der Jungwinzer Ewald Tropper im Weingarten
IKE Vulkanland Karl Lenz Junior erzählt über die Bedeutung und Hintergründe der Korbflechterei
IKE Vulkanland Johann Schleich Fotograf und Chronist
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IKE Vulkanland der pensionierte Landwirt Karl Lenz Sen erzählt von früher
IKE Vulkanland der Fotograf und Chronist der Region Johann Sleich erzählt über die Geschichte des Weins und das Leben der Bauern nach dem Krieg

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