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Kreuz und Quer I Also lies live from the truth

A film about truth, deception and the power of the tongue

A film about truth, deception and the power of the tongue.

Why do people tend to lie? Is lying also the legacy of an evolutionary survival strategy? Crows are capable of maliciously deceiving their peers in order to take advantage of it. In any case, one clearly understands the consequences of his lie. When does error become a lie? When does a powerful lie become "alternative facts"? Consciously telling an untruth can serve as protection to cover up one's own inadequacy. Or take revenge on others. However, it can also be ethically necessary to lie: for example, to save human lives from the henchmen of a terrorist regime.

A production of Clever Contents GmbH on behalf of ORF 2

Genre | religious magazine

Author | Karoline Thaler

Production manager | Ronald Graf

Length | 35 minutes

Year of production I 20

First broadcasting | autumn 2021 on ORF 2

Ronald Graf
+43 699 186 10004

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